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now i may be jumping the gun abit and we all know what happened last year after the all star break but at the quarter way stage we ain't doing all that bad considering.

* 08/09 p/p% was 14.5% 50 goals 28th in nhl 09/10 up to 11/18/09 21.2% 17 goals and 12th in nhl

* 08/09p/p% on the road was 13.6% 09/10 is 25.0%

*08/09 pk %76.8, 68 goals against and 28th in nhl 09/10 80.6 18 goals against 15th in nhl.

*08/09 3.04 gaa 24th in nhl 09/10 2.43 gaa 5th in nhl

and we are 8th in the western conference and 13th in nhl with a 12 and 9 record.

now with all the problems and off ice issues i think that isnt a bad start but as some of you might point out its a 82 game season and we are only 21 games ish the way though.
any thoughts on the turn around? grezky resigning? dave tippett coming in? more experience in the team? or just a desire to show people that we are not the whipping boys of the nhl this season.

feedback and comments welcome.
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