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Does Montreal have what it takes to win the NorthEast?

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Montreal is a strong team with only a few holes on the depth chart. But are they solid enough to last a tough year in an even tougher division, thats probably the strongest regular season Div. in the NHL? And who will they get to fill in their gaping Number 1 defense hole?
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Actually in my opinion what Montreal really needs is a goal scorer who scores more than Montreal's current players.
Montreal has no shot look at their dividion they are not even here the caliber of buffalo and Ottawa who will both get over 100 points when the season is over montreal winning the northeast this year yeah right

Yeah they lots of holes in there depth chart. they dont even have someone who can score 70 points and their d isnt that strong
I think Buffalo is just too strong for Montreal to catch, or any other team in the Northeast barring any sort of surge by one of them, or a long-term injury to one or some of their better players.

Maybe Ottawa could do it... just, maybe....
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