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Dion Phaneuf

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All i wanna know is how this guy got drafted 9th overall in the 2003 NHL draft. I would have tooken him 1st or 2nd overall in a mere second. Eric Staal is maybe the only person i would have taken before this guy. I bet you a team like Atlanta who drafted Braydon Couburn 8th overall who has only played 29 games for Atlanta this year with only 4 assists must be kicking themselves for not drafting Dion. Couburn is yet to make an impact in the NHL at all yet and doesnt dress for the Thrasher that often.

All I can say is Dion should have been one of the top 2 picks in the draft and Id say hes probably one of the top defencman playing in the NHL right now, and hes only 21 years old. This guy is just great :thumbsup:

Link to the draft of 2003:
2003 NHL Entry Draft Picks
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I wasn't a fan of Flury going #1 overall but thought the top three where good picks at the time and even in hindsight, pretty good picks.

Looking back at drafts is tough, there's always guys the should have been picked higher or lower than they were.

I haven't got to watch Calgary play as much this year as I did last but I'd say Dion is in the top of the second tier of defensemen in the NHL.
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