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Due to the fact that MaCabe is no longer a mod and he can't come here, I have taken over here.

These are some topic sentences that might be available:


The Eighties Oiler's Dynasty is the greatest of all time.
Igor Larinov should have been in the HOF this year.
Gretzky is the greatest player of all time
Patrick Roy revolutionized goaltending forever
Dynasties are a thing of the past because talent has been evenly distributed among all the teams in the NHL.
Sidney Crosby is the best thing to happen to hockey.


The New CBA is great for hockey
The Shootout is necessity for hockey's resurgence in the USA
Hockey should expand beyond the boarders of North America
Hockey should move out of the Southern United States
Canada should have more hockey teams
Fighting is bad for hockey.
A headshots, incidental or not need to be removed from the NHL.


The hockey "goon" is becoming an unnecessary job in the "New" NHL.
Defensemen need to have a quick, offensive touch to excel in the "New" NHL.
The trap is a boring hockey tactic.

If there are any others feel free to post them. You can also post here if you wish to issue a challenge out to other members. For example:
Member A wishes to argue that:
Fighting is bad for hockey.

Member A then posts that they wish to argue this, in this thread.

Member B sees this and thinks they could make a good argument to the contrary. Member be will then post in this thread that they would like to take the challenge. They then PM me and we move on from there.



Hope to see some good debates soon!
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