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Dealing Lidstrom in Wings best interest?

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I know you may think I am crazy, but as a Wings fan I would love to see them deal Lidstrom for a marquee forward. Obviously they wouldn't deal him to the west, so I am thinking there are only a few teams in the east that would have something to offer. Any way you look at it Lidstrom is no worse than the 2nd best defenseman in the league. If the Wings could get a #1 center I think they would be better off. The only players I think qualify are LeCavalier or Richards, Drury, or a package including Antoine Vermette. This will probaly never happen of course, but I think it's worth thinking about. I do not believe the Wings have what it takes to compete in the playoffs.
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i would really like to see lecavalier in mtl, being a die-hard habs fan. he would fit perfectly between kovalev and latendresse (as higgins would return to the first line). however, tampa would want a strong defender in return more than a samsonov so it would be very tricky for Gainey to sort out such an acquisition, but thinkin bout lecavalier in mtl is exctiting, especially because he WANTS to play for the canadians...

on a side note, im very disappointed with samsonov's lack of production. i knew acquiring him was a bad idea as him and kovalev are too alike to be playing with one another. however i feel montreal's strong depth in defence and goal will be the bait for somebody to take samsonov and bring mtl a strong offensive center!
yea, but i am loving this kid, hes doing all the right things right now and hes a big guy too...kind of like a glen murray type. i'd hate to see him leave... and i would love to get rid of samsonov from the team although he got 2 goals tonight.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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