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Dave Hodge
1/28/2007 5:39:36 PM

I'm going to start with thumbs down to the most ridiculous All-Star headline of the week, which proclaimed Sidney Crosby a dud after he failed to register a point in a 12-9 game.

As the rest of us know, it's the game that was a dud, and I'd like to think that Sidney Crosby knew that better than anyone, and also knew that not even he could have saved it.

Instead, he saves his best moves for the games that count, like last night's 7-2 win in Phoenix that featured the "top--shelf seeing-eye backhand while falling to the ice" goal. he continues to amaze.

Thumbs down, yet again, to three-point games, which occurred no less than a season-high six times when the NHL schedule resumed on Friday night.

22 teams played, and 17 of them gained points in the standings, which was particularly frustrating for the teams that weren't playing, and worse yet for a team like Edmonton that played and lost.

The Oilers saw all seven of the teams directly above them in the western conference standings pull further ahead, and four of the five teams below them got closer to them.

Finally, it's thumbs down - it must be the mid-winter blahs - to the finals of my personal "least interesting team in the league" contest. For awhile, the New Jersey Devils were in the running, but I've decided that, no matter how boring they are, they're just too good to be uninteresting.

So it comes down to two.

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