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Crosby up on facing Toronto

January 19, 2007

(CP) -- Sidney Crosby is pumped about his first career NHL all-star game but he's got one thing to take care of before heading to Dallas.

The Toronto Maple Leafs come visiting his Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday night, their last game before the five-day break.

"It's not hard to get up for that at all," Crosby said of facing the Leafs, who are two points ahead of the Penguins in the standings. "The all-star game is obviously going to be a fun time but we have an important game before that and that's where my focus will be."

Speaking Friday to reporters from all over North America on an NHL conference call, Crosby couldn't hide his excitement about next week's all-star events.

"There's a lot of guys there that I grew up watching and to get the opportunity to meet them and play with them, it's definitely going to be enjoyable," said Crosby.

It's easy to forget he's only 19. Just ask him where he was when the NHL all-star game was last played three years ago in Minnesota.

"I was in Rimouski," said Crosby. "Probably shovelling (snow)."
I don't want any warm and fuzziness when they face Sid.

They go in, they do their thing, they go out, hopefully with 2 points.
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