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The Coyotes will be hosting the Jets on October 15th this year and you know those winipeggers are going to try to embarrass Phoenix by having more Jets fans than Coyotes fans for when the "old Jets" play the "new Jets". Travel agents are putting together packages to travel to Phoenix and see the game on October 15th.

I live in Georgia and I will make every attempt to make it to this game! If you can, buy tickets for your friends. Maybe invite people that dont normally watch hockey. It will give those football fans some contact sport to turn to if there is an NFL lockout. Hopefully they like or fall in love with a sport they would have never given a chance.

I know in these economic times its hard to go to a lot of games but if you go to one game a year, this is the one you should go to. It would be embarrassing to have more Jets jerseys than Coyote jerseys.

Winnipeg has given the Coyotes fans to much grief about how we dont support our team and how we dont deserve to have a hockey team. We should show them how big the fan base actually is.
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