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Well the all mighty Leaf once again are showing who they really are and have gone from what Leaf nation thought were Contenders to being what Leaf nation has come to expect pretenders.

Yes Leaf nation will be quick to point out that their franchise savoir Reimer is out hurt and that the hockey gods are once again unfairly treating their beloved Leaf.

Truth be told they are now starting to perform at a level anyone out side of tank nation new they would perform to, which is just below the middle of the pack.

Every year it's the same old same old from this franchise the good old this is are year we have improved tremendously blah blah blah, when in fact they have gone no where.

Yep Leaf nation you keep believing in good old smug Burky and his BFF Wilson , it's sure to get you far again when April arrives, while your teams hitting the links other Franchises will once again be getting ready for their April ritual of making a run at Lord Stanley s cup

Happy golfing , and as the over used Leaf nation saying go's just wait till next year.

Sorry been a while since i made fun of the Laughable Leaf franchise.

Ps go Leaf go. LOL
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