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Hello all,
First time poster, long time reader.
I came across a Kickstarter campaign for a newly founded hockey company in Canada called COLT hockey.

There story is that they have engineered a new hockey stick using the standard composites in the game today but the difference is that they apply a "nano-metal" to the blade and 18"-24" inches up the shaft (hack/slash zone) in hopes that the stick will last longer and won't catastrophically fail during game play use and crucial moments.

I actually backed this project in hopes of receiving a stick (as long as there kickstarter goal of 75K is met) - I have been playing hockey since i was a kid and the one problem i've had with composite sticks since there take over in the hockey market is how often they break - i think if this campaign is successful theres a good chance we may be able to see the hockey world take a step forward!

What are your thoughts? Concerns?

Here is the link:
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