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First of all, welcome to the forum.

As for your question: Well, I think Colorado isn't as bad as some may think. They still have a good Coach behind the bench in Joel Quenneville, and I'm sure that he can get a player like Arnason going again.

Their offence is still pretty good really. Even though losing Tangauy will hurt them a bit, they still have enough players to have a very good year this time around. Svatos, Wolski, and all.

If anything I'd say that it's goaltending that's the question mark. Theodore was very shakey last season, and in the playoffs he took his time to start playing decently.

The defence has taken some major hits though. Losing Blake this year, and Foote in the year before. They got Leopold in that deal for Tanguay. He's okay, but will be out for a bit after having surgery (Hernia?). Then there's Liles (who was paired with Blake a lot I think), Briseboise (who I haven't seen play much lately, but I heard he improved a little). Not bad. Vanaanen and Skrastins can be very solid out there. I think they also signed Ken Klee. The minutes could be spread out quite a bit among them.

Their defence isn't powerful, but I think it's okay. Not as bad as it could have been.

Overall, I think they'll have a pretty good team. Not great like years before, but they could still make the playoffs if their players perform well enough.
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