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9/13/2006 1:35:53 PM

For all the NHL general managers, or anyone else for that matter, who are enraged over the Philadelphia Flyers' offer sheet to Vancouver's Ryan Kesler, Flyer GM Bob Clarke has a message:

"I don't give a (expletive deleted) if nobody likes me, I could care less," Clarke told TSN. "But they shouldn't be getting mad at me, I didn't put the (offer sheet) rule in the collective bargaining agreement. If they're mad, they should call Gary Bettman and complain to him. Get mad at Gary Bettman. He's in charge of the rules, not me. I didn't realize there were some rules we're not allowed to use."

Clarke said he knew when he extended the one-year, $1.9 million offer sheet to the 22-year-old Kesler, a 10-goal scorer last season who was on the verge of re-signing for half that much with the Canucks, that he would incur the wrath of his brethren.

TSN : NHL - Canada's Sports Leader
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