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I know this isn't breaking news that the Johnstown Chiefs are relocating, but I didn't see a thread for it...

"Chiefs, Inspired by ‘Slap Shot,’ Are Leaving Johnstown"
Sean D. Hamill said:
Like the die-hard fans of the fictional Charlestown Chiefs in the movie “Slap Shot,” which was filmed here in 1976, supporters of the minor league Johnstown Chiefs have reason to be angry with the team’s owners...

"This is no Hollywood ending"
Kevin Paul Dupont said:
The Johnstown Chiefs, with their attendance too low to make a buck and the prospects of an economic turnaround in western Pennsylvania even lower, played their final game in Cambria County War Memorial Arena last night. The club, its name drawn from the fiction of the 1977 cult film “Slap Shot,’’ will take up residence next season in Greenville, S.C...
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