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Carolina wins the Stanley cup

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What do you think about Carolina winning the Stanley cup ?:dunno:
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Well everyone i have all ready made my opinion known about carolina winning the cup.:thumbsdow
Yes!!!!!!! the Murderer's team lost. Man I hate those Oilers now, they copied the Flames in every way......

The orange hard hats!?!?!? come on :mad:
lil_azn_dragun said:
What do you think about Carolina winning the Stanley cup ?:dunno:
I think it's good for hockey. Both teams in the finals have demonstrated that in the new NHL it's passion not salary that wins cups. Both the Oilers and Canes went where no expert expected them to go. Both teams triumphed over teams with stacked salaries and inflated egos. The Oilers should be proud of what they accomplished as us in the Caniac nation are proud of our Stanley cup champions. Both teams won more than the right to play for the cup, both teams brought hockey back from the shadow of a lock out. That series was incredible. Everything was left on the ice for everyone to see and the result was a thing of beauty. All fans should be proud of our boys.
oh yeah and GO CANES!!!
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