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Well, seeing as things aren't so "great" right now, I thought I'd bring up some old files on Carlo Colaiacovo's time in Toronto here.

Here are some Big Hits by the Leaf defenceman from last season:

Colaiacovo hits Bertuzzi

Colaiacovo hits Guerin

Colaiacovo hits Svatos

Colaiacovo hits Comrie

And here's a Nice fight with Jason Spezza. I can't for the life of me remember what is was that Spezza wanted here, but Cola did well:

Colaiacovo fights Spezza

Of course, #45 is now #8 for Toronto with a spot in the line-up ready for him if uninjured. Hopefully it will wash out the nasty taste left behind by Aki Berg (yes, I know, I said his name).

Your thoughts....

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Cass-Loves_the.Leafs said:
I love the guy.
He's never backed down.

That "Hip-check-gone-wrong" was awful to watch D:.

LOVE the fight vs Spezza.
Carlo-cola my third all-time fave.
He's one of my favourites as well.

Welcome to the forum Cass-Loves_the.Leafs.

Enjoy! :)
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