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I don't think they've worn those for quite some time. Those are the sweaters from the mid 80's.
Yeah, 1981-82 through 1984-85 according to the Penguins website. Carlyle was captain from the 1981-82 season to 1983-84, with Mike Bullard taking over in 1984-85, but he wore number 22. It's curious that he's got (presumably) Crosby's number on it.

Are you sure it's not him ???
Maybe a throw back jersey with 87 on it ???
Carlyle never wore a jersey with 8 on it. He was number 25 for the Penguins.

The only throwback jersey I can find that's for sale in this style is Lemieux's. If it's a throwback jersey with 87 on it, then he had to take apart a Lemieux to make a blank? Sounds like it'll forever be a mystery. :laugh:
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