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As it stands right now the CH is at roughly $25 million in salary. They have 4 UFAs in, Huet, Bouillion, Bulis and Sundstrom. Bulis and Sundstrom won't be back. Huet and Bouillon shouldn't cost the Habs more than $5 million combined. That puts the Habs at around $30 million in salary. With the cap expexted to go up to $44 million, the Habs have quite a bit of space.

Who would you like to see the Canadiens try to pick up on the UFA market?

Here's some of my choices:
Jay Mckee D - Shot blocking Machine, imagine our top 6 with him
Jamie Langenbruner F - He's won Cups with NJ and Dallas (under Gainey)
Jeff Freisen F - He's only 29, I thought he was older
Mike Peca F - Rumoured to be heading to the East Conf., but I do hesitate since we already have alot of small forwards
Mike Grier F - He can skate like the wind and he's strong also would be a double whammy hurting a divisional rival
A. Ward D - I'm probably dreaming about this one, but if we could...

How about you guys?
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