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With 24 pond hockey rinks scattered on six acres of open ice, Northern Ontario is just waiting for competitors. With two full weekends of hockey action and entertainment, these Championships will be the recreational hockey event of the year...again.

From last years event:

Teams led by former NHLers Steve Larmer and Bryan Trottier participated in the event, but didn't make it to the quarter-finals.

The men's Rink Rake Grey Beards of Whitby, Ont., and women's Concordia Rinkles of Montreal won their respective championship games at the inaugural Canadian pond hockey championships on Sunday.

The event featured 130 teams from Canada, the U.S. and several other countries over a weekend designed to take Canada's national game back to its roots.

Roughly $16,000 was raised for the Shoot For A Cure campaign, which raises money to try and help cure cancer - News

Not sure how many people know about this but it is a pond tournament that is held yearly at Deerhurst Resort, it consists of hundreds of teams from all over the world, apparently this year we have teams from Japan and Hawaii!
I think its pretty cool I havent been their yet but I am most likely going their tomorrow.

Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships

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Pond hockey is so so so fun. I just love it, Its great fun hockey and since its Canada when ever a pond freezes over you can expect to see tons of people making rinks and people out on those rinks having fun till the late hours. I played some pond hockey yesterday and the day before with a couple friends, really fun!
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