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Canadian Press
Jan 5, 2007, 11:47 AM EST

TORONTO (CP) - Canadian brewery owner Frank D'Angelo is still interested in buying the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins even though owner Mario Lemieux has taken the team off the market.

The CEO of Steelback Brewery says he has been told by the Penguins that if the franchise is put up for sale again he will be in the mix.

"The team has been taken off the market until there is greater clarity on the arena/relocation issues," D'Angelo said in the statement Friday. "We have been in touch with the Penguins' organization and we are happy to report that if the sale process is re-ignited we will be given our fair chance to bid for the NHL franchise."

D'Angelo also confirmed his desire to keep the team in Pittsburgh.

"Bottom line for myself, for Steelback Brewery, and for our organization, is that if we were to purchase this team it would stay in Pittsburgh where it belongs," he said.

The Penguins met with officials from Kansas City earlier this week, where it was promised they could play rent-free in the new Sprint Center, which opens next fall. The Penguins also continue to talk to different government levels in Pittsburgh about a new arena.

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