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Canada 2010 Olympic Hockey Roster And Discussion

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In The Spotlight

G Martin Brodeur​

The all-time great is Canada's best bet in net. He's participated in past Olympics and seems to always bring his game to the next level when he's playing for Canada, as evidenced by him being Canada's best player in the 2006 Olympics. He's got a sparkling .920SV% and a 2.15GAA this NHL season.

D Scott Niedermayer​

Niedermayer's struggling this season, but after being named Captain of Team Canada, he'll have to step it up. His play will be crucial to puck movement and on the powerplay, expect him to play as a rover, like he does in Anaheim.

C Sidney Crosby​

The other generational talent in the Olympics have each other. Sidney Crosby has a backing group of some elite talent. He'll be expected to center the first line and get plenty of powerplay time. These will be his first Olympics and he might be looking to prove something.

Full Roster

Martin Brodeur
, New Jersey Devils (NHL)
Marc-André Fleury, Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)
Roberto Luongo, Vancouver Canucks (NHL)

Dan Boyle
, San Jose Sharks (NHL)
Drew Doughty, Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Duncan Keith, Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
Scott Niedermayer, Anaheim Ducks (NHL)
Chris Pronger, Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)
Brent Seabrook, Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
Shea Weber, Nashville Predators (NHL)

Patrice Bergeron
, Boston Bruins (NHL)
Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)
Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim Ducks (NHL)
Dany Heatley, San Jose Sharks (NHL)
Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames (NHL)
Patrick Marleau, San Jose Sharks (NHL)
Brenden Morrow, Dallas Stars (NHL)
Rick Nash, Columbus Blur Jackets (NHL)
Corey Perry, Anaheim Ducks (NHL)
Mike Richards, Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)
Eric Staal, Carolina Hurricanes (NHL)
Joe Thornton, San Jose Sharks (NHL)
Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
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Pretty strong selection!
Only one surprise for me - Patrice Bergeron - he wasn't invited to the orientation camp in August.
There has been a ton of talk about him making it for the past two months, so it's not really a huge surprise. Despite not being invited to the orientation camp, Bergeron has been a complete beast of a player for the Bruins this year. He also gives Canada another right handed shot.
are you feeling okay!Teows,Bergeon,Morrow are all wasted picks and there is lots of players they could have picked instead including Savard didn,t even get a tryout especially Bergeon what good is he going to do! and yes Green top defencemen in the league should have been picked!
watch Don Cherry to night!
Oh yes, you're completely right. I forgot the Olympics were a race to a goal amount. Silly me.
lets face it how else do you win Gold except scoring goals! I know your grinders are important but there is a lot of snipers that are grinders too!
Oh, you mean like the 30 goal scoring grinders that you say don't belong on the team?


Who exactly are you going to replace them with? Doan? All three have career highs that are higher than his. Fisher? Never broken 30 goals, or 50 points. Jordan Staal? Same deal as Fisher. Sharp? Sure, he would have been an excellent choice, but the three are better selections than him.

Lecavalier? Not a checker. St. Louis? Not a checker. Stamkos? Not a checker. Brad Richards? He was on the 2006 team that amounted to nothing, and he's not a checker.

Bergeron, Toews and Morrow never stop working and they don't take retarded penalties. Three defensively responsible players who all have offensive touch, tenacity and discipline? Sign me up.

If the selection committee thought that Green could learn how to play defense to Babcock's expectations, then he would have been brought. When asked about the selection of Doughty, Yzerman said "unlike other offensive defensemen, Drew is not a liability in his own end."

It's not an All-Star game. Defense actually matters here.
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okay then just tell the players to be deicated and play defense and don,t worry about scoring goals! because there is 2 players that won,t believe me! my opinion the picks could have been a lot better and the opinion of the hockey world including don cherry!
I will say Team Canada has better picks than USA team! American teams should be thanking are Hockey nation Canada for the Stanley Cup every year haha!
Are you sure the players won't believe you? Or are you thinking they won't understand what you're saying?

I asked for some players that would be better selections than Toews, Bergeron and Morrow for the roles they have on the team. Meaning checking line guys who can score. Kris Draper was on the 2006 team, so they're instantly an upgrade.

Don Cherry spouted off a bunch of scorers and people who only have half a good season to their name, and even then, they've cooled off significantly after a hot start. Yes, let's bring them over players who are consistent. If your whole argument is "watch Don Cherry" then the discussion will end up being awfully short, since he hasn't been a good analyst for hockey since prior 2004. All he's good for now is rambling on a little bit, talking about soldiers and calling players attractive men.

Your argument for Mike Green sounds a lot like peoples arguments for Bryan McCabe in 2006. That sure worked out well.

Also, Stanley Cup? What does that matter in this discussion?

not really wasted picked but we could have picked better yes I know Toews rocked in the shoot out for Canada in the World Juniors couple years ago you guys are the only people I know that likes these picks!
Your hero, Don Cherry, likes Toews. In fact, if you cared to have listened to him instead of project your opinions onto him, he named Toews to his team. Which left of Keith, which is probably one of the biggest glaring omissions anyone could ever make.
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Okay, so Bergeron has a broken thumb, and while it's speculated he'll only miss two weeks, who do you take to replace him?

Assuming they wanted a right handed center who could do well in faceoff situations, play well defensively, and contribute some offense, then Mike Fisher, Travis Zajac, and Rich Peverley are all solid picks.
Well the Olympics are just a few days away now Canada has some tough talent to go up against. Russians have all the talent in the world but can they play as a team? Canada has the talent to match with alot more size Crosby is the only guy under 6 foot on the team. The States are young and have alot of speed and can be very dangerous on powerplays. The Swedes are defending champs, very solid lineup can play with anyone. This is going to be amazing to watch all that talent on the ice at once!
Dan Boyle.
I'm confident that if Getzlaf can't play, that Carter will do a wonderful job in Vancouver. With that said, I would have loved to see Stamkos get that spot.
What's with Canada needing a shootout to beat Switzerland? What happened? I didn't see the game.
Hiller was absolutely unbelievable.
See, that's why I voted for goaltending in the "most important factor for success" thread.
But who provides the goaltender with the scouting reports on the shooters? ;)
Iginla was benched by Babcock, not injured. Babcock likes his top guys to play with discipline, be able to check and buy into the system. After the hit on Iginla, he was trash talking the Swiss players, lacked effort backchecking, and didn't do what Babcock wanted him to do when he was placed on the ice. This is the reason why he was benched.

I do think it's the wrong time to send a message to the team, but at some point, the message had to be delivered to them. Babcock was probably not sure that taking them aside at practice would get the same result.

What happened to Iggys 'A'. Did he get stripped of it?
Canada has four alternate captains. Only two of them can wear them at a time.
Who's the fourth?
Sorry, brain fart and counted Niedermayer as an alternate. There's three alternates and the A rotate. Pronger's got Iginla's A this game.

Don't worry, he's still an alternate captain, the IIHF just says a team can only have two on the game sheet though. It was Iginla's time to take a break.
Really impressed by Doughty and Keith. Disappointed by Pronger and Neidermayer.
I thought Seabrook looked good in the little amount of time he got.

Weber needs to shoot more. That shot is lethal, but how many shots did he take in the game? Three, four?
Nash and Getzlaf have always played well together, so I like that line.
Who do you put out against the Ovechkin-Malkin-Semin line?

IF you say Pronger on the back end you are disqualified.

Are Getzlaf, Perry and Nash, good enough defensively to handle them?
Richards has always played his best games against Ovechkin and it's been like that since the 2005 World Juniors. He will play against him. We're probably looking at Morrow and Toews/Bergeron (depending which zone for faceoffs) as his linemates. I wouldn't be surprised to see Weber and Keith as the defensemen out there against that line.

So basically:

  1. Morrow, Richards and Weber can all play physical against the Russians. Might not have much effect on Ovechkin, but if Semin and Malkin continually get punished by these three, I could see them taking some retaliatory penalties
  2. Richards has shadowed Ovechkin before, neutralizing his offense and has been able to get under his skin in the past, if Ovechkin gets irritated with the tight checking of Richards, then he'll either try to do too much himself or take penalties
  3. Toews and Keith are both able to control and keep the puck away from opposition. Puck possession is clearly huge in this game. Keep it away from the Russians and they won't be able to score - pretty simple.
  4. Bergeron has been fantastic for defensive zone faceoffs, something that will likely continue since the weakest part of Malkin's game are faceoffs

That would be my plan going into the game, at least. It's basically the perfect mixture of the elements needed.

It has to come down to goaltending. At this point I wish we had gone with Fleury. Won the Cup last year. Cup finals the year before. IF there is one goalie who is riding a highstreak when it comes to important games it is him.
Meh, I'm not any more confident in Fleury than I am Luongo. I don't think it'd make much of a difference either way, the team would have to play the same no matter who's back there.

Oh well, good luck tomorrow boys.

Isn't it crazy how one of the, pre-games, gold and silver favorites, is going to go home without a medal?
Not really, obviously it would be a nice finish, but with 10 other teams, there were too many variables to actually count it as a pre-determined outcome.
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Great first period by Canada. This is how they have to play to win the whole tournament.
So we had all this hype for Crosby vs. Ovechkin, and neither one gets a point.
Does anyone know why Pronger isn't wearing a visor as its mandatory for the Olympics?
Players can play without a visor if they were born before December 31, 1974.
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