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Canada 2010 Olympic Hockey Roster And Discussion

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In The Spotlight

G Martin Brodeur​

The all-time great is Canada's best bet in net. He's participated in past Olympics and seems to always bring his game to the next level when he's playing for Canada, as evidenced by him being Canada's best player in the 2006 Olympics. He's got a sparkling .920SV% and a 2.15GAA this NHL season.

D Scott Niedermayer​

Niedermayer's struggling this season, but after being named Captain of Team Canada, he'll have to step it up. His play will be crucial to puck movement and on the powerplay, expect him to play as a rover, like he does in Anaheim.

C Sidney Crosby​

The other generational talent in the Olympics have each other. Sidney Crosby has a backing group of some elite talent. He'll be expected to center the first line and get plenty of powerplay time. These will be his first Olympics and he might be looking to prove something.

Full Roster

Martin Brodeur
, New Jersey Devils (NHL)
Marc-André Fleury, Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)
Roberto Luongo, Vancouver Canucks (NHL)

Dan Boyle
, San Jose Sharks (NHL)
Drew Doughty, Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
Duncan Keith, Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
Scott Niedermayer, Anaheim Ducks (NHL)
Chris Pronger, Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)
Brent Seabrook, Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
Shea Weber, Nashville Predators (NHL)

Patrice Bergeron
, Boston Bruins (NHL)
Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)
Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim Ducks (NHL)
Dany Heatley, San Jose Sharks (NHL)
Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames (NHL)
Patrick Marleau, San Jose Sharks (NHL)
Brenden Morrow, Dallas Stars (NHL)
Rick Nash, Columbus Blur Jackets (NHL)
Corey Perry, Anaheim Ducks (NHL)
Mike Richards, Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)
Eric Staal, Carolina Hurricanes (NHL)
Joe Thornton, San Jose Sharks (NHL)
Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
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Man I wish we could ice two teams.

This one looks good. Just not Russian top 6 scary. Can't wait for this to get going.
are you feeling okay!Teows,Bergeon,Morrow are all wasted picks and there is lots of players they could have picked instead including Savard didn,t even get a tryout especially Bergeon what good is he going to do! and yes Green top defencemen in the league should have been picked!
watch Don Cherry to night!
Toews and Morrow are wasted picks??? Are you serious?

Morrow brings some much needed grit, and if we get into a shootout for a medal Toews may be the best we have. HE has already shown he can handle the pressure of having the entire teams success rest on his stick, while playing on the big stage.
Very poorly played game by Canada. They should be ashamed. IF they don't get their heads together soon, then they won't even see a medal game.
15 minutes to go.

Buckle your seatbelts, I hope this is gonna be good.

They are playing for a day of rest before the quarterfinals so it may be a bit more intensive.

As a Leafs fan I also want to watch how Kessel does playing with some decent talent.

Go Canada!!!!!
Very entertaining game. Didn't like the result but, oh well.

Miller was great particularly in the final 3min.

I'm thinking Luongo is in net for Germany. If we win that then Russia. So one of the two gold medal favorites won't even be getting a medal. How do you like that?
canada sucks

Ya they suck just about as much as Russia, Sweden or the USA.
Who thinks Luongo is going to be in between the pipes tuesday against Germany?
I think that is a no brainer. 100% go with Luongo. Or if you didn't like what you saw in practice or the Norway game, give the job to Fleury.

Bottom line is Martin Brodeur SHOULD have just played his last game in net for Team Canada in Olympic competition.
barley defeat the swiss (neutral)
spanked by USA (don't care about hockey)
canada sucks bad (inferiority complex)
Ask those guys on the USA team if they care about hockey.

Just how the hell are we inferior? We know we are the best. We have enough star players to send two good teams to any tournament. Not even Russia can match our depth. If we don't win it only because we sent the wrong guys or we got out-played. Tonight we got out played by the USA and one Ryan Miller in particular.

There is no inferiority comlex in Canada when it comes to hockey. Hockey's our game, we just let you guys play. ;)
wow i cant believe that. brodeur sucks:n. i would have took him out after the second goal, like wow. if hes playing against germany i loose all respect for the canadian olympic team.

Actually that should read The Canadian Olympic Team Coaching Staff.

It is their decision who starts.
IT's tough playing with him because you want to give the puck to him, while at the same time he is trying to set you up.

With Ovechkin, you know if you give him the puck 9/10 he is going to shoot it.

Glad to see Staal going on the top line. HE had 3 assists tonight but in an 8 goal game 3a is nothing to get excited about. I just think he is a better fit with Iggy and Sid.

Well on to the Russians.

This team is scary good on offense.

Who do you put out against the Ovechkin-Malkin-Semin line?

IF you say Pronger on the back end you are disqualified.

Are Getzlaf, Perry and Nash, good enough defensively to handle them?

It has to come down to goaltending. At this point I wish we had gone with Fleury. Won the Cup last year. Cup finals the year before. IF there is one goalie who is riding a highstreak when it comes to important games it is him.

Oh well, good luck tomorrow boys.

Isn't it crazy how one of the, pre-games, gold and silver favorites, is going to go home without a medal?
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Make that 7-2.
7-3 now.

Man these boys are clicking.

Looks like the lines are set and the roles are filled.

It is going to take a brickwall in net to stop these guys now.

Pray for the goaltending on our side.
The Russians are going to be coming hard in the third. They have the fire power to come back. If we can score 4 in one period so can they.

This is going to be a good test.

Loving the effort so far. I think we finally have a TEAM!
Yeah they are gonna come out hard, and especially with a power play. And even though they do have the fire power to score 4 goals, I'm not sure they could do that, and not let up any goals. My mentality if I'm Babcock right now, is tell the boys to run it up. Keep playing like you have and you'll probably score 10 goals.

I think Canadas has finally found themselves, and as an American, quite frankly it scares the hell out of me.
Watching what I saw in the first 30 minute of that game, I would be worried if had an all-star team of Europeans, Russians included.

Crosby v. Ovechkin????

Both were basically invisble as far as I am concerned.

This is Canada, our Third line will shut down AND outscore your 1st line. That is how we have to play. Our strength is in the high quality of our depth. Our 4th line consists of three NHL team captains. Our least effective line is either the best or 2nd best line in the NHL. We should be able to kick some butt. Hopefully these line combinations will work.

I'm stoked!
Haha, no kidding. I'm pulling for the U.S. to win Gold, but I'm afraid of seeing Canada in the gold medal game.
You should be! MUhahahahahahahah!!!! :beer:beer:cheeky4:

I'm tuning up the lawn mower 'cause your ass is grass. ;)
have to agree, as of right now id take dany heatley and the thornton line over iginla and his line.

also have to agree that im not heatley's biggest fan. guy is a jerk, but a talented one
When it comes down to Iginla v. Heatley, the answer is Iginla easily.

Sure Heatley is one of the top offensive threats in the league, but Iginla is only a step below plus he is more defensively aware(although with Heatley most players are more defensively aware) and he brings a physical side Heatley lacks. Throw in the Leadership qualities and it's case closed. Give me Iggy!
whilst iginla is one of the best powerforwards in the league, im gonna disagree in value in terms to team canada, mainly due to chemistry of lines, whilst the heatley- thornton- marleau line is well oiled and used to playing together, and has looked the most dangerous throughout the tournement. I dont think the Iginla- crosby- stall/nash line has fully clicked yet, despite iginla getting 5 goals, i think heater has 4g 3a and looks like scoring more often.

I think the best player (in the situation of the olympics) is heatley cause he is more capable of working well with his linemates, not that iginla doesnt.

regular season- ill take iginla
Forget the lines, comparing Stajan and Hagman to Marleau and Thorton is just silly.

PLayer v. PLayer, you have to take Iginla.
Take Iginla if you like, but if you want a player who is more clutch I would take heatley, Iginla is too speradic and for all the talk that he's a great leader his team has been taken out of the playoffs in the 1st rounf for what 4 years in a row now.
YA but Heatley is just a douche. After what he did in Ottawa I wouldn't care if he could outscore Ovechkin, I wouldn't want him.
LIFE IS GOOD! 2-0 Canada!!!!
keep'er going boys.

The Getzlaf Perry, Morrow line again is our best.

Don't take your foot off the pedal boys, 'cause with guys like Gaborik and Hossa one chance is all they need.
Nobody Said Captain we were talking about Canada's best player, and I wouldn't take Heatley or Iginla as Captain.
Canada's best player is Crosby. Sorry but not only is he the best offensively he does backcheck, he does muck it up along the boards, and he even will drop the gloves, albeit usually with a lightweight, if he thinks it will help his team win.

I believe the question was the better player between Heatley and Iginla. The correct answer is Iginla. The offensive advantage that Heatley enjoys is trumped by the leadership aswell as the defensive and physical play of Iginla.
Damn Shrek has me on his ignore list big loss there, now I don't have to hear about how great all flames are and how all other players and teams suck in comparison.
Dude, you might want to chill with the over the top bias sh!t.

Remember, bash the player, not the poster.
And people were questioning Morrow being on the team.
Dude I am saluting Morrow right now.

Ya I new he was a tough 30 goal scorer who the Stars thought enough of to remove the captaincy from Modano, but, wow. Has he shown me another level to his game.

Same goes for Getzlaf. Yes I thought he was a very good player but this tournament has given me new respect for his potential dominance.

Doughty and Weber, well I liked them befoe, I love them now. I am totally stoked about having both in my keeper league.

GO Canada plain and simple!!!!
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