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Blond T-shirt Arm Jersey Smile

This is one of the Fire and Ice girls for the Clagary Flames

Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia
Currently: I am pursuing a career in real estate.
Hobbies: Hockey (15 years), Baseball, Snowboarding and Dancing.
Most Memorable Moment in Your Job: When Harvey and I went into the back room.
Favorite Hockey Player: Dion Phaneuf
Favorite Musician: Flavor Flav
Favorite Movie: It Takes Two
Favorite Television Show: Degrassi High
Favorite Book: The Cat in the Hat
Favorite Calgary Restaurant: Denny’s
Favorite Pengrowth Saddledome Food: Popcorn and Beer
Dream Vacation: Balzac
Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Jared the Subway guy – you go Jared!

Info from Clagary Flames web site

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All About Harvey

POSITION: Centre of Attention
HEIGHT: 6'6"
WEIGHT: 200 lbs.
SHOOTS (Marks His Territory): Right
ACQUIRED: Flames first Pound Draft choice in 1983. He was the NHL's Very FIRST Mascot!!!!!


High School: Notre Dame, where he played for the Hounds
University: Hound U.
Favourite Movies: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Incredible Journey
Favourite Books: Hound of the Baskervilles, Don't Shoot the Dog
Favourite TV Shows: Wishbone, Scooby Doo
Favourite Foods: Shark Fin Soup, Flame Roasted Ducks, Buffalo Wings
Favourite Radio Station: The Fan 960
Favourite Pet Store: Petland
Favourite Songs: Hound Dog by Elvis & Bad to the Bone by George Thoroughgood
Fav. Person in Hockey: Bearcat Murray

Info form Calgary Flames web site

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Sherek has an avatar of Darryl Sutter in his profile, clearly with a Bitter Beer Face look.

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Jarome Iginla 2004-05: Represented Canada at the World Cup of Hockey.

Calgary Flames (Post a fact) was started by myself to up posts in our forum, and now has caught on on the rest of the team forums.
:mad: I see that others have made the (post a facts) so that anyone can post at anytime they want. I won't change mine just for a fact it gives everyone a shot at posting facts, not just one person all the time.:mad:
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