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NOOO!!! :(

That deal for Owen Nolan looked great at the team, but with him not even playing last season (and probably not this season either) and Boyes developing the way he has this season it doesn't look so good anymore.

Boyes is turning out to be a very good player. Some fans thought that he'd be a bust, but 69 points in his rookie year is huge. Nolan hasn't gotten near that much in quite a while, and who knows when he'll ever play again. :thumbsdow

I'm not going to jump on Pat Quinn here, because I fully agreed with the move when it was made. It sucks that it turned out this way though... not for Boston (kudos to them), but for Toronto.

On the other hand, there's Kyle Wellwood and Alexander Steen now in the Leafs' system, and the future looks bright for them. I'm just wondering how things will work out a few years down the line. Who knows whether or not the Leafs would have had to deal one of them away anyway.

Time will tell I guess.
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