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7/26/2006 2:24:20 PM

An arbitrator has awarded Jay Bouwmeester a two-year settlement worth $4.35 million. Bouwmeester would make $2.1 million this season and $2.25 million the following year.

Florida has two more players scheduled for arbitration, Mike Van Ryn on August 2, and Ric Jackman on August 4. The Panthers will have 48 hours after their final hearing is decided to make a decision on all the arbitration awards.

According to the Miami Herald, the Panthers were anticipating a total payout of $6.5 million for all three players this season. Getting Bouwmeester for $2.1 million is, therefore, a pretty good start for the Panthers.

The two-year deal was the maximum length allowed under arbitration rules, something else the Panthers should like.

Bouwmeester, however, is still more than doubling his salary. He made $945,630 last season.

Bouwmeester, 22, had 5 goals and 41 assists for 46 points in 82 games with the Panthers last season. He was also +1, a big number for a player with a career -43 rating in just three seasons.

He was Florida's first pick, third overall, in 2002.
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