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According to ESPN the Magazine’s Ultimate Standings report, the St. Louis Blues rank in the Top 10 professional sports franchises when it comes to paying back fans for their investment of time, money and passion.

The Blues were one of five NHL teams to make the Top 10 list: the Carolina Hurricanes, Detroit Red Wings, Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins also are included in the Top 10.

The report was the result of exclusive and original analysis by ESPN The Magazine and the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center, combined with fan feedback data gathered by the consulting firm Maddock Douglas, and GMI NetReflector. More than 50,000 responses were collected. The analysis is used to determine how franchises establish and maintain the greatest overall reward for their fans.

The complete list will be available in the current issue of ESPN The Magazine, which will hit newsstands on Friday, July 3.

1. Los Angeles Angels MLB
2. Carolina Hurricanes NHL
3. Pittsburgh Steelers NFL
4. Detroit Red Wings NHL
5. Cleveland Cavaliers NBA
6. Washington Capitals NHL
7. Milwaukee Brewers MLB
8. Pittsburgh Penguins NHL
9. San Antonio Spurs NBA
10. St. Louis Blues NHL
11. Anaheim Ducks NHL
12. New Orleans Hornets NBA
13. Green Bay Packers NFL
14. Indianapolis Colts NFL
15. Tennessee Titans NFL
16. Tampa Bay Rays MLB
17. Houston Rockets NBA
18. Orlando Magic NBA
19. New England Patriots NFL
20. Boston Celtics NBA
21. Chicago Blackhawks NHL
22. Dallas Stars NHL
23. Minnesota Twins MLB
24. Philadelphia Phillies MLB
25. Portland Trail Blazers NBA
Dave Checketts has been a incredible owner so far, and JD and the rest of the Blues' management staff has done a great job, helping to put a strong young team on the ice and great promotions to help bring fans back to the blues, My only concern is now that the blues are starting to show they can compete and as they continue to grow more into better Stanley Cup contenders, how well will the management pass the buck on to the fans.

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well the Blues did some interesting things like pay some mortage payments for fans and stuff, to help out during the recession, more then the leafs do.

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Not to take away from the Blues, but I think that the most impressive part of this is that the Hurricanes are the top-ranked NHL team and that they're in a non-traditional hockey market. Just goes to show that people who claim that non-traditional markets don't love hockey or won't support them are competely wrong. It's harder, but if done right, they're very loyal.

And the Blues organisation has been doing incredible things recently. Much better than the Wal-Mart era.
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