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Canadian Press
2/6/2007 5:52:18 PM

ST. LOUIS (CP) - The St. Louis Blues are cutting prices on the majority of their season tickets for next season by an average of eight per cent, with the remaining seats costing the same as this season.

The Blues, who raised their prices by an average of 10 per cent last July, headed into Tuesday's game with the visiting Toronto Maple Leafs last in the NHL with an average attendance of 12,106 through 27 home dates.

"It has become very clear to us that this new pricing structure is the right thing to do," Blues chairman David W. Checketts said in a statement. "We have learned a lot from our first seven months in St. Louis . . . Now we take the natural next step for us as we continue to restore the relationship with our fans and we think it will resonate with them."

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