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Ron Wilson would be a great coach for the Maple Leafs and interim general manger Cliff Fletcher will make sure the team gets back to where it should be, Phoenix Coyotes coach Wayne Gretzky said yesterday.

"Cliff's a good man and he'll straighten out the ship," Gretzky told the Star during a media event to talk about the Ford Wayne Gretzky Classic on pro golf's Nationwide Tour, to be played June 26-29 near Blue Mountain on Georgian Bay.

"Ron's done an excellent job of coaching over the years and he's got a tremendous track record," Gretzky said. "You get people like that, it gives you instant credibility and gets you on the right track. So if that's who they're hiring, it's a good choice.

"He's a real tactician and very disciplined as far as his team system goes and they'll definitely be a strategic team system (if Wilson takes the Toronto job). When you're struggling as a team, that's what you need first and foremost."

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