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The St. Louis Blues have signed former goalie Ed Belfour as a consultant, bringing in an experienced veteran who used to give the team fits when he played for the rival Blackhawks.

Belfour is a two-time Vezina Trophy winner. Blues president John Davidson said Thursday that Belfour will work with young goalies, including those at the minor-league affiliate in Peoria, Ill.

Belfour was 484-320-125 with 76 shutouts in his 18-year career with Chicago, San Jose, Dallas, Toronto and Florida.
Even though it's great to add a very experienced and decorated goalie to help our young and up and coming goalies. I just find it funny it's one of the most hated players from one of the blues biggest rivals. Still good move for the organization, hopefully, a few Vezinas and Stanley cups will be in the blues' future.
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