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Canadian Press
11/1/2006 12:01:05 PM

SUNRISE, Fla. (CP) - Florida Panthers goaltender Ed Belfour has denied reports he was involved in a drunken scuffle last week at a night club in Long Island.

The Palm Beach Post, citing two sources who witnessed the alleged incident, reported this week that the 41-year-old scuffled with teammates, bartenders and bouncers last Thursday night at a club attached to the team hotel in Long Island.

"I don't even know why we're talking about it," Belfour told the Post, adding "there was no alcohol involved whatsoever."

But the night resulted in fellow Panthers goalie Alex Auld needing stitches. Belfour told the newspaper Auld was hurt later while they were "horsing around" in the hotel lobby.

"They have the marble floors there, and they're slippery," Belfour said of the hotel lobby. "We were just horsing around with each other, I dropped my bottle of water and we all slipped. Alex hit his head when we fell down."

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