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I need new skates.

A little history: In the 90s I was a CCM Tacks guy. Then I seem to remember that in the early 2000s that either CCM went away or tacks went away temporarily I needed new skates around then. I tried everything but nothing fit. Vapors, Supremes, Graf, etc. I have a relatively wide forefoot, and a narrow heel. So what would happen is that to get a skate that my forefoot would fit into-my heel was swimming around. To get a skate that fit my heel properly-the toe area was too tight.

The only skates that fit well were Bauer Flexlite Pro 4.0s. I think they might have actually been a rebranded Nike skate, but I’m not sure. They fit so well that I bought two pairs. This was sometime around 2010. So I haven’t been to a new skate shop in around 12 years.

Before I go to the skate shops and try on every type/brand of skate. I thought maybe there are others out there that liked the fit of Flexlites who have recently bought new skates. If so-what new brand/model fit you now?

Thanks in advance
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