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This isn't a normal league where you join and become a general manager; you join as a player and you enter the draft. You'll get to choose his name, height, weight, starting attributes (50 for STHS), and country, etc. You then do tasks like writing an article, making a graphic, writing an auto-biography, guess on pick'ems, or get a league job and earn TPE, also known as total points earned. These go toward your player's attribute points. and after you get drafted by a team, your goal would be to lead your team to victory, win the world championship while representing your country, and finally, enter the hall of fame if you're good enough.

That's our league in a paragraph, and we'll need 48 members for our first draft, and we have 7 right now. Join now and be a part of the next generation of sim leagues and join our wonderful community. :bt

P.S.: I'm LaFramboise_88 over there.

http://z10.i n v i s i o n f r e
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