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Coach Quenneville proud his boys are stayin' alive against all odds

Joel Quenneville, maybe showing his age, said it succinctly.

"Like the Bee Gees," the Colorado Avalanche head coach said after last night's huge victory. "Staying alive."

Reminded that disco is dead, Quenneville shot back: "Maybe it'll resurface."

He's watching something just as implausible play out before his eyes. Quenneville's team was seemingly left for dead a couple of weeks after the NHL trade deadline but continues to push its hopes right until the bitter end.

On the heels of their 4-3 win over the Calgary Flames last night, the Avs are five points back of the one team they can catch for a playoff spot. Both teams have three games left.

The odds are stacked against the Mile High City crew but they are more than happy to keep playing their cards.

"We've been thinking the same way the last month, month and a half," said Avs forward Ian Laperriere.

"Let's try to win as many games as we can, get as many points as we can and see where it's gonna take us at the end of the year."

Win they have, putting together an incredible 13-1-2 run since Feb. 27. They were a dozen points back of the Flames when the puck dropped on the March 14 meeting in Denver, won by Colorado.

Like a B-movie bad guy, the Avs won't go to their demise.

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