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1. Roberto Luongo wasn't worried that a deal wouldn't get done.
Luongo on playing in Vancouver-1.mp3 - Size: 69KB

2. Roberto feels that the Canucks can win now and are committed to winning
Luongo on playing in Vancouver-2.mp3 - Size: 41KB

3. Roberto Luongo says there is a big difference between the two franchises.
Luongo on playing in Vancouver-3.mp3 - Size: 41KB

4. Luongo comments on the fact that he may be in GM Place as both a Canuck and a Canadian Olympian.
Luongo on playing in Vancouver-4.mp3 - Size: 37KB

5. Roberto did have a bit of a tough time selling Vancouver to his family.
Luongo on playing in Vancouver-5.mp3 - Size: 40KB

6. Roberto Luongo talks about the mistrust that he had with the Florida organization.
Luongo on playing in Vancouver-6.mp3 - Size: 77KB
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