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PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Richard rather gingerly up to Beliveau, Beliveau crosses the line back to Richard, Richard shoots....GREAT SAVE, SAUVE. Sauve??

Providence Bruin Philipe Sauve was cast in May 2005 to play the part of famed goalie Sugar Jim Henry in the movie The Rocket, a story about Quebec's most famous hockey player, Maurice "The Rocket" Richard.

"It was a great thrill for me to be casted to play a part in the movie. You hear the stories of The Rocket and how great a player he was but to be a part of a movie about him was something special for me," Sauve said.

Henry is also remembered in one of the most dramatic hockey photos of all time. The image showed Henry, right eye blackened, shaking hands with Maurice "The Rocket" Richard, himself blood-streaked and black-eyed, following a pivotal Stanley Cup playoff game on April 8, 1952. Richard had scored an overtime goal to give Montreal a semifinal round victory in seven games over Boston.

When Sauve reported to the costume wardrobe on the set he was not prepared to see the equipement or lack of equipment he would don during the movie.

"To see the lack of equipment goalies wore during that era was something else to see. But to wear it was something else and to face shots with it on comapared to all the padding goalies of today's era wear, these men were remarkable at their position," he said.

Facing shots up to 95 mph, today's goalies really do not get hurt or feel much besides a thud when the puck hits. But back then in the era with no face protection and very little protection covering the body, goalies were very prone to injury.

"Goalies back in that era I think had to be a tougher than goalies of today. I mean the risk of getting a puck in the face and getting seriously hurt without face protection. I am sure they put that in the back of their heads when playing, but being a goalie, I would not play today with the gear they had back then," Sauve said.

With just a small part in the movie, Sauve doesn't think Hollywood will be calling him soon in the near future.

"I really don't think Hollywood will call, but its nice to dream. Right now, my main goal and focus is to help the Bruins win games and get to the Calder Cup playoffs and hopefully some time during the season I will get the call," Sauve said. "The call to go to Boston, not Hollywood."

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Very nice article Andruw :thumbsup:

Keep up the good work!!! :D

I personally haven't had a chance to see the movie yet, but I hope to!!
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