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...Last place in the NHL, and a roster stacked with talent. Turco is playing like ****, Morrow is now out for the season, and Hulljack's gamble on Sean Avery blew up in their faces. Fabian Brunnstrom looked promising, but that ended after the first 4 games of the season. He hasn't scored since. The only bright spots this season have been that when need be, Dallas can turn on the fire, but they either get too carried away (see Ott and Avery) or they casn't handle the pressure (TURCO!!!). It all comes down to one thing: Irresponsible play. The Stars are not playing as a team, and its costing them as a reult. Mike Modano has said this before, as he looks like the only Star with brains.

What I can hope for next season:

Avery is traded- The guy has been nothing but detrimental to this team. He is a media mongering, selfish ******* who cares too much about his fame and noteriety that he brings the whole team down. He has 9 points in 18 games, NOT acceptable at his salary.

Turco is traded- Turco is aging. And while he used to play spectacularly in net, he would always go on his goalie menstrual cycle. He is apparantly gushing, and shows no signs of having easing cramps. It's time for a younger, more considtent goaltender. He doesn't have to be as good as Turco, but a little consistency would be nice. Something Turco has never really had.

Pick Hedman or Tavares in the draft-At the rate Dallas is playing, a high draft pick is definately in the works. Dallas already has great forwards in Modano, Morrow, Richards, Ribeiro, Lehtinen, and even Erikkson, so Tavares woule be fantastic but not necessarily needed. Niskanen will be okay. He'll be no Zubov though who will retire in a year or two. Vic Hedman would make a fine addition to Dallas' now ailing blueline.

Tippet goes- Ok, let me get this straight. Tippet is not a bad Hockey coach. He IS a bad motivator. Tippet has no idea how to hold his team. For crying out loud, Sean pissant Avery runs it. Get a coach in there who actually knows how to run a TEAM.

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Shame about Gustavsson...

I agree to a point in that Turco wasn't at his best pretty much all season and seemed to want to be somewhere else.

A lot has been said about the workload he picks up - due to the lack of quality goaltending on the Stars roster and Auld has come in with a view to go some way to resolving that at least.

It would have been more sound if we could have persuaded Gustavsson to come on board. He would have no doubt seen us through for quite a while to come in goal but good luck to him in Toronto.

Look at the guys who were crocked for major stints of last season though:


With that many first class players out of their team, nobody could have done well.

I don't want to dwell on this but there was also the Avery effect which thankfully has been put right.

So while I agree with the fact that Turco's head wasn't in any game particularly, one man cannot be expected to take the fall for a team which should really have all stepped up to replace some major names out there.
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