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Angelino Esposito is amazing at hockey! He has double the points he has in games in the QMJHL. He plays for Quebec, a team in second I believe behind the Moncton Wildcats. Angelino Esposito is a young player who is supposedly going to be a Team Canada juniors this year in 2006. I think he has great potential. He supposedly is a future first overall pick. This guy is unreal too. He can deak through opponents like pylons. He has insane deaks. I think this guy will turn out to be better than Phil Kessel and Sidney Crosby but not Alexander Ovechkin or Evgeni Malkin, whom in my opinion have the greatest amount of potential.

I really enjoy watching the QMJHL, it's my favourite junior league because it includes some of the best juniors. This year the QMJHL is very fun to watch. The OHL and WHL are nothing compared to the QMJHL. OHL is an okay league but the WHL just blows. Go Esposito!
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