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Wraparound--Visors worn by Europeans

Blueline-- Mark on ribcage from leaning over bar,
replaying game

Redline-- Mark on new sweater from leaning over Wet
Paint sign at penalty bench

Net-- The 25% which goes to winner of 50-50 draw

Zamboni-- Machine used to fill arena with noxious,
poison fumes

Deke-- "The Enforcer"--leads league in PIMs

PIMs-- Rating system for unskilled players

Offside-- Hitting on the team owner's daughter

Pass-- See Offside

Score-- See Offside--Also see "Traded"

Jock-- Scot who enjoys a wee dram before, during and
after game

Boarding-- What a new player to town does until after
having his first team party

Rink-- Weekend hangout for parents

Bodycheck-- Test rink boards, glass, for durability

Slapshot-- Movie poking fun at Canada's national

Hooking-- What the gal in the thigh-length boots up in
Section 14 does for a living

Shoot-- What religious kids say after missing
wide-open net

#@$%&#-- What religious kids say after missing net in
Week 2 of season

Scoreboard-- Place for annoying company signs and

Overtime-- Bar where players drink for free after
closing time so owner can feel important

Stanley Cup-- Trophy awarded to championship team just
prior to opening of training camp

Europeans-- Skilled players who refuse to watch
Coach's Corner

Gross Misconduct-- The sometimes carryings on of very
rich role models

Play by Play-- Break between TV commercials

Instant Replay-- New electronic means to prove on-ice
officials' incompetence

Predators (1)-- ANOTHER damned Yankee team....from
Peoria, or Portland, or....

Predators (2)-- Agents

Puck-- Nickname for the millionaire who sold Gretsky
to millionaire now in jail

Penalty Box-- Good place for TV closeups of players
mouthing the "F" word at each other
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