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All Star Game National Anthems

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Was it just me, or was the singing of the Canadian National Anthem at the All-Star game brutal.
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hahaha i would rather have had Kelly Osbourne sing it. Kelly might even do a little better job. The point is there both brutal
shookem said:
I don't get it though. It was the ASG, an important one for the NHL at that. They should've got some known pop singer to do the anthem.

I'm not sure Kelly Osborne is what I'd like but maybe some American Idol reject or something.
No, I dont want Kelly Osbourne either. Im just saying the girl that sung at the allstar game was so bad that even Kelly Osbourne (who has no talent at all) maybe could have done better than her. But definetly never invite Kelly Osbourne to sing anywere
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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