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I saw this game. Unbelievable!!!

The Sabres fans left the game at first near the end because they thought the refs were giving them a bad night (and they were down 4-2). They then cae back when the score was 4-3 after a breakaway goal by Gatineau boy, Danny Briere.

How they returned, I have no idea. Maybe they were let back in... I don't know. Is that even allowed? :dunno:

Anyway, Afinogenov then tied it with 14 seconds left. That was Souray's fault IMO. He should have had him on the side of the net, but he let the puck slip by and there Afinogenov was.

Anyway, they won it in the shootout... I don't like shootouts much to tell the truth.

Nonetheless, it was a great game as a whole.

For those who want to know, Niinimaa looked decent, and Latendresse played well.
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