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Aeros resident comedians Alex Leavitt (rookie center) and Rick Bronwell (equipment manager) have decided to team up their blogs. They'll alternate going first, so one of them doesn't always get the last word.

Alex Leavitt Blog:

I hope everyone can make it out to our games Wednesday and Saturday. Wednesday's Happy Hour Game against Manitoba is sponsored by The Maple Leaf Pub, which is a big favorite with all the guys for watching hockey. They're giving free drink coupons with the package. We'll see you at Toyota Center on Saturday, too, against the Moose at 7:35 p.m. It's Christmas Stocking Night. It's also the Teddy Bear Toss. Bring a new stuffed animal to throw on the ice after our first goal. Maybe, I'll even score it. The items will be donated to KHOU's Spirit of Texas Toy Drive. As always, you can buy tickets by calling 1.866.GO.AEROS, or online 24/7.

Through either a series of unfortunate events to Rick Bronwell or maybe divine intervention...He made fun of me in the last blog and I think the man upstairs took offense to it. A few days ago, he walked into the dressing room with a little red friend on his nose. I wasn't sure if he wanted to drive my sleigh home or if he wanted to sharpen my skates. He was a Rudolph lookalike. Tricky, it's not fair that you have to walk around looking like that.

Me and Roman Voloshenko went and skated with a couple of youth hockey teams in Willowbrook last night. It was great. It's always nice to skate with the kids. They get really excited, and it was nice to shoot on some goalies that I can score on. I know they are 8 and 9 years old, but it helps the confidence. It was nice to get a few to hit the mesh instead of hitting the chest. I may go out there next week, even if I'm not invited, and join them.

Roman's pretty funny with the kids. He has a pretty straight forward plan on how to deal with them. "Hi. I'm Roman. I'm from Russia. Work hard." That's just a good message he sends to them. Some of the kids get a little scared and ask me "What's wrong with that guy"?

We've been watching the Da Ali G Show quite a bit lately. It's kind of a new phenomenon that's swept through the locker room. After Borat came out, I went out and bought the DVD's. A lot of the guys are really getting into it. Jagshemash! I don't know what it means. I think it means Hi. But it's definitely a bit of a different saying. Clayton Stoner has really gone off the wall with it. You call him up he says Jagshemash! You say where do you want to go eat and he says Jagshemash. Ask him how his girlfriend is and he says Jagshemash. I think he's overdoing it a bit.

John Scott just walked in. He has the worst hair in the AHL. I'm not even going out on a limb. It's just the worst hair. It's a mix between a Mohawk and a Mullet. I like to call it the Mock Scott. It's parted on the sides, and combed down the middle. He looks like he's trying to get a helicopter to land up there. I love ya' Scotty.

Ben Thomson grew an inch this week. We threw him a party. C'mon, he's the only guy on this team I can say that too.

I guess we'll finish off with something about Matt Foy. What can we say about Matt Foy? I'm been driving his car around lately. I don't even know if I have his permission. We've talked a couple of times, and I always seem to forget to ask if I can borrow his car. He's been up in Minnesota. We miss him but wish him all the best. He's been playing well. There's a rumor going around he just got his legs insured for million dollars each just in case he has any injuries. It makes sense. Whoever advised him to do that is on the ball. The guy can fly.

"Rick the Equipment Guy" Blog:

Isn't that picture of me and "Levvy" as Chris Farley and David Spade in "Tommy Boy" the best? That was my idea.

This week was a fun week. We did a lot of moving gear going back and forth between Sugar Land and Toyota Center. Moved into the arena at 1:30 a.m. Saturday and slept there. The cleaning crew woke us up at 2:30. If they are reading this (and who doesn't), we need some soap.

Our dryer broke down. I fixed it with a little ingenuity. It's actually called an on off switch. It worked out pretty good.

My wife Heather loves my blog. She's a little embarrassed because she thinks I'll say something off color. I could, because there's so much stuff going on in that head of hers, it makes me crazy too. The kids are doing great. Ashleigh is excited about Christmas. Addison has no clue. She just wants food all the time. She definitely takes after my side of the family.

Our PR guy Ryan tells me that Heather wants a blog. What the heck is she going to talk about? If she does that then I'm ruined. There's so much stuff I can talk about, but once she gets the chance to talk about me, it's over. She has a lot of stuff on me. Don't give in to her Ryan, please.

Speaking of Ryan, he did play-by-play last week. I'm just happy he remembered he's always on the speakers in the arena. Those Christmas carols were not real fun to listen to from the locker room last year.

My mom just broke her ankle the other day, so we're talking about Heather going up to Salt Lake City and babysitting her, not that Heather doesn't have enough stuff to worry about. But my mom gave birth to me, so I'm sure she'll be ok with a broken ankle.

I want to see if people are interested in buying a CD if Benny Thomson and I make one. We jammed on the guitar the other night. We have good time. We're thinking of maybe making a six song demo CD and selling it for Aeros Charities. Anyone interested?

We're getting ready to pack up the gear and go to Toyota Center tonight after the Rockets/Lakers game. We'll unload and unpack. I'm thinking about adding a couple more things in the locker room. It's constant improvement...Speakers, we have some lighting issues in the equipment room.

When I refer to "we" all the time, I usually mean Donny White our assistant equipment manager. He doesn't travel with us, but he makes the San Antonio trip with me just to stop at Bucee's. If no one has stopped at Bucee's...the bathrooms are so clean. Donny does a great job. He sort of fell in my lap this summer when Phil went to Beaumont. Donny's from Cincinnati so he's a Bengals fan. We had a bet going the other day. I had to wear a Bengals jersey if I lost. He was supposed to wear my small Chiefs helmet. It didn't work out too well. I tore his jersey in half.

The Chiefs stink. I'm done with them. They played Baltimore at home and lost 20-10. So I guess they weren't too bad. My new favorite team...the Tennessee Titans. Vince Young is my boy. We're pretty tight. We go way tack to January when he came to visit us in locker room after he won the whole thing. We're good buddies, good pals. He was waving at me when he was coming off the field. I bet you didn't know that?

Mattias Weinhandl came in from Minnesota and I had to sew his nameplate. It wasn't too bad. It's not as long as a name as you may think. When Domenichelli was here my first year, five years ago, geez has it been five years...He had to play the first two games in "Domeni", then I had to order more C's to make it "Domenichel," then I got the other L and I, and I had to add some material on to his jersey. That sounded funnier in my head than when I typed it. Maybe my editor will take this out.

I'm excited because Weinhandl is Swedish. Back when we had Wallin, Hannula and Holmqvist, I got to learn a lot of words in Swedish. I can't use them on Olvecky, he doesn't understand. I can't use them on anybody.

I've got to go now. I have to hurry up and screw up...I mean sharpen up Leavitt's skates.
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