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Hey everyone, I'm in a cool EHM League most of the way through season one. A few of the GM's weren't as active as we hoped they would be, so the commish let them go. We are trying to fill some more teams.

The URL is:

The sims are 4 sim days per weekday, which is pretty fast paced compared to other leagues, but not too fast. The GM's still around are all active and nice.

These teams can be had:

Nashville Predators
New Jersey Devils
Dallas Stars
Anaheim Ducks
Tampa Bay Lightning

If you don't like any of the teams above, pick on of these:

Current GM on watch - Philadelphia Flyers
Current GM on watch - Detroit Red Wings
Current GM on watch - Buffalo Sabres
Current GM on watch - Ottawa Senators

NOTE: If you wish to join, please post here and ALSO send either me a PM here with a preffered username, temporary password, and your email OR you can goto the forums and send that info to Acadmus, since the registration is admin only to keep spammers out.
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