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Watch The Hunger Games Catching Fire Online Did I want to sit next to a stranger instead of my husband? Not really. But it was favorable over the next two options in this situation. It might seem weird to sit "alone" In a theater, but once the lights go down and you’re watching the movie, it’s far less of an issue than you’d think.

Watch The Hunger Games 2 Online Sit down in front. This one may be necessary if you show up late or you don’t want to split up with your friends. Personally, I consider this to be the worst option in most cases, having sat down at the bottom before. There are almost always free seats down in front because those seats suck. For one thing, if the screen isn’t flat, which it doesn’t tend to be when it’s stadium seating or IMAX, you’re going to get a distorted picture if you’re sitting up too close and not center. For another, it’s literally a pain in the neck having to stare upward at a giant screen for hours. The last time I saw a movie way up close was Sweet Home Alabama, which should be an indication that I’m not a fan of this approach, considering I haven't repeated it in more than a decade. With memories of the Reese Witherspoon’s misshapen face in mind, I don’t think I’ll ever see another movie from down in front. If it’s the only option left, I’d rather leave and see the movie another time, which brings us to…

Watch The Best Man Holiday Online So far it seems as though the movie is definitely living up to the franchise-starters legacy – and according to some it’s even surpassing it. As I write this article the sequel stands five percentage points higher than its predecessor on Rotten Tomatoes, and I was more than happy to contribute to the positive score. As I wrote in my review, "it's a satisfying and dramatic new adventure in the now-blockbuster franchise." Audiences have already been rushing to their local cinemas to see it, the film banking $25.2 million on Thursday night. But what do you think of what you saw?

Watch Thor The Dark World Online The actor also is in Savannah to present Payne with the Outstanding Achievement in Cinema award prior to the Nebraska screening. The director dangled the role of Woody in front of Dern years ago. Then they both had to wait while Payne progressed through About Schmidt, Sideways and The Descendant. So far, it has been worth it. Earlier this year, Dern won an acting prize for Nebraska at the Cannes Film Festival. Oscar pundits have him on a short list for a Best Actor Oscar nomination.

Watch The Hunger Games Catching Fire Online This Latino spinoff tells the story of Jesse (Andrew Jacobs) and some friends who go into the apartment of a strange woman who dies under mysterious circumstances. The apartment is filled with crazy ritualistic stuff and video tapes. And then everyone is marked! Which is bad, right? They get powers, but apparently these are powers of the devil or something, which then turns them into devils maybe. Not quite sure. But one of the females is related to the franchise characters Katie and Kristi. OMG!

Watch Thor 2 Online Director Christopher Landon worked on several of the previous features, so he’s well-versed in making the camera shake all over the place while interjecting spooky ****. I’m really glad he’s upping the ante on the paranormal side of things, as the third series entry was the only one that worked for me, mostly due to things getting absurdly weird. I also happen to like movies where dumbasses snoop around mysterious places and eventually pay for their actions. I just wish they would have left the handheld camera part out of it, or even just added it into a traditionally shot film. Just once.

Watch Bad Grandpa Online Thanks to ComingSoon for the above trailer, and now check out the U.S. trailer, which features far more partying before the ghost **** hits the fan. While my anticipation for Spike Lee’s upcoming Oldboy remake is just slightly higher than my anticipation for his Kickstarted Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, I really have to give it to the guys creating the film’s posters. The last thing you want from a film this provocative is a talking heads poster or one that avoids imagery altogether in place of the film’s name written in a spooky font. The "tiny person walking in front of something huge" design isn’t anything new, but I like that instead of some looming building or vast scenery, we have a hammer coming down hard on something bloody. It appropriately screams "violent thriller."

Watch The Hunger Games 2 Online As does the one below, via Bloody Disgusting, though in a far less exciting way. It’s unfortunate that the promotional material for this movie is so focused on showcasing this hammer and what main character Joe Doucett does with it. Unless he manages to use it for the entire film, like a machete for Jason, then expectant people are going to be sorely disappointed.

Watch Last Vegas Online This next poster is another clever one, featuring rows of monitors peeking in on Doucett’s life, one per year, ending with his "trunk in a field" return to society. It’s an interesting approach that drives home just how long he stayed in this glorified motel room, and also showcases his haircut choices. And then there's the one that has nothing to do with Doucett or his hammer. It's a girl, and I'm not sure if it's Elizabeth Olsen or not. It's a striking image, even though they included the tally mark tattoo on the umbrella. Gotta drive that imagery home, I understand.

Watch Escape Plan Online "By the time he’d talked to me, he had seen every 70-year-old man on the planet Earth," Dern tells me as we sat down to talk about the movie. Sure, there is a never-ending line-up of found-footage horror movies continuously heading straight to DVD, but recently our theaters have been in remission. Don’t go getting all thankful for it, though, since Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones will hit cinemas at the beginning of next year, and Paramount really wants your shoes to be shaking by the time you get there. The above international trailer does a good job of reminding people that the P.A. series is capable of some pretty strange scares. Can this film possibly be enough to get the sour, rancid taste out of my mouth that Paranormal Activity 4 tried to cement in there?

To say that I’m "super excited" about The Marked Ones is a stretch, but I am looking forward to it, as it is the only entry into this series that will actually take the action outside a huge home owned by petty white people, and there is a larger story to tell beyond all walls. And it’s a story that apparently involves young girls with no eyes, black magic and people who don’t know how to put the goddamned camera down like they want to live to tell the tale.
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