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Another milestone

Steve Yzerman 's goal Monday, his 690th, tied him for eighth place all-time with Mario Lemieux .

Yzerman played down the significance, but Babcock didn't.

"It's unbelievable," Babcock said.

"I saw him go so fast one time, I told him, 'You'd better be careful. If I catch you going that fast one more time, I'll be expecting that all the time.' "

Yzerman has scored in three consecutive games and has six points in his last five games.

Yzerman is four goals behind Mark Messier (694) on the career list, and the way he's playing, he still could pass Messier before the end of the season.

Yzerman was more impressed with Lemieux reaching 690 goals, though, than with Yzerman himself reaching that figure.

"I don't really know the significance of it," Yzerman said.

"If anything, it shows how good he (Lemieux) was because he played four or five years less than I have, and in far fewer games. It's quite an achievement by him, more so."
IT was refreshing to see him net some goals. I thought that he didnt have much left.
Steve Yzerman still has shades of his excellent past. It seems like hes waking up a little and I think he will spur the team on to winning a possible stanley cup.
Im sure the captain would like to add that to his trophy case of accomplishments in his career. Gotta give credit where its due and you know, its a really big deal that Yzerman got his 690th goal. Now we gotta get happy. :)

good luck to him in the playoffs. I dont think any of us wings fans will forget the '02 playoff season against the Nucks... Yzerman is definitely an asset.:)
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