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We're a 30 team dynasty league. We're based off of head-to-head !Yahoo league. We got hit with a few impatient/inactive GMs that eventually quit, so the draft is taking a little longer than expected. We have a couple open teams, they are:

New York Rangers (Turris, O'Sullivan,Michalek,Frolik,Letang)
Vancouver Canucks (Spezza, Hartnell, Lidstrom, Pronger)
Pittsburgh Penguins (Voracek,Ryan,Kunitz,Filativ,Pogge)
Columbus Blue Jackets (Kovalchuk, Lehtonen)
Carolina Hurricanes (LeCavalier,M. Richards, DiPietro)

We've wasted a bunch of time of GMs who don't care already. Please if you sign up for a team, be active. Please do not expect the draft to finish in a week. We may go a little bit into the start of the season, so don't feel any rush.

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