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2011 Off-season Thread

15010 Views 87 Replies 9 Participants Last post by  6298 what? Goaltending was less than average throughout the majority of the playoffs, but the simple fact of why this team didn't win in the playoffs was they didn't play the way they did from Oct 26 to Feb 16 where they went 34-10-4. After that, they went 9-9-7.

They started the season 3-4-1...then figured out how to play some of the best hockey in the league for 48 games (34-10-4), and then pooped in the bed and rolled in it for the remaining 26 games going 9-9-7, giving up the top spot in the East, limping into the playoffs, and then almost getting beat by the 7 seed Sabres.

You'd think the dominant game they played in Game 7 to beat the Sabres would give them the momentum and motivation going into the second round against a team they struggled against this year and they came out as the definition of flat and never really got it going. They played solid in Game 2, but didn't get the job done in OT, then sucked in Games 3 & 4. So, the season is over.

What's the answer?

They were one of, if not the most dominant teams in the NHL for 48 games...with the same two goaltenders they took into the playoffs. Did the goaltenders have some soft games? Sure. But did the rest of the team leave them out to dry in several of them? Absolutely.

I don't think this is a coaching issue. I think the players need to look solely at themselves. Didn't help that they were missing Pronger for the playoffs and Carter for a few games.

A consistent veteran goaltender to mentor Bob couldn't help, but you don't get much better of a teammate than Boosh Bag.

I think Leino and Zherdev are two of the big question marks for UFAs. Boosh is on that list as well, but I can't see him coming back...not after game 3.

For as much as the Flyers dominate when they get the their forecheck going, there were way too many times I saw Zherdev, Leino, and Versteeg, all on different lines, try to walk the puck in and end up turning it over rather than dumping and chasing.

I'm hoping Versteeg is much better next year with a full Flyers training camp under his belt.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Schenn will be huge and depending on if and when Couturier makes it up to the Flyers. Those 2 should be playing together. They were simply amazing in the world Jr's.
jvr - giroux - jagr
hartnell - briere - voracek
talbot - schenn - simmonds
nodl - betts/couturier - sestito

pronger - carle
timonen - coburn
meszaros/Guvstofsson - lilja

I think that should do the trick, then you still have players like Wellwood and Couturier to fill in where ever. I really want Couturier to crack this line up.
The only way you send him back down to Jr's is if there is no chance for him to play on at least the 3rd line or better which don't look good right now. He doesn't have anything left to prove down there, he has torn it up and is now NHL ready and if i remember correctly they can't put him in the AHL either.
When training camp rolls around in September, one of the more interesting roster battles to track will be the competition for the enforcer/12th forward spot. While it is possible that the Flyers could carry both Jody Shelley and Tom Sestito on the roster this season, it does not seem to be a smart use of salary cap space.

The Flyers cannot send the 23-year-old Sestito to the Phantoms without putting him on waivers. The former 3rd round draft pick is not as accomplished a fighter as a Shelley but he is potentially a better and more versatile hockey player. He is also 11 years younger and $600,000 cheaper on the salary cap.

Like many veteran enforcers, Shelley increases his worth to the team by being a positive locker room presence and one of the team's hardest workers. He knows his role, executes it the best of his ability and works hard not to be a liability. But is that enough to hold off younger and cheaper players?

If the Flyers were to carry both Shelley and Sestito among 13 forwards and 7 defensemen on the opening night roster, they would currently have $1,027,738 in cap space available (which includes Ian Laperriere's cap hit without an LTIR allowance). With the LTIR allowance for Laperriere, the practical cap space is $2.194 million.

If the team waived Shelley and carried Sestito and another young player (let's say Ben Holmstrom) as their 12th and 13th forwards, they would have about $1.37 million in cap space without worrying about LTIR overage. With Laperriere on LTIR for the full season, it's $2.54 million.

If the Flyers waived Sestito for AHL demotion and carried Shelley alone among 12 forwards and 7 defensemen, they would have $1.55 million in cap space ($2.74 million with LTIR for Laperriere).

That may not seem like a big difference between carrying Shelley or not. However, keep in mind that the salary cap is calculated daily during the season and the cap hit for in-season trade acquisitions is prorated over the rest of the season.

The $370,000 opening cap difference between carrying Shelley/Sestito and Holmstrom/Sestito makes little difference right now. However, preserving even modest additional cap space could ultimately be the difference in acquiring a top 9 forward or top 6 defenseman as a rental player come trade deadline time.

If Sergei Bobrovsky ($1.75 million) is dealt and replaced more inexpensive backup goaltender -- the Flyers now have three internal options, all carrying varying degrees of lower cap hits -- the team would also free up additional cap space. The other internal options, of course, are Michael Leighton ($1.55 million), Johan Backlund ($800,000) and the recently signed Jason Bacashihua ($525,000 on the NHL part of his two-way contract).


Howard Eskin of 610WIP is reporting that the Flyers have some interest in signing Chris Drury at the right price. Given Drury's past accomplishments, his ties to Danny Briere and his reputation for leadership, it might make some sense. That's especially true in light of the fact that there's currently one third-line spot up for grabs on the Flyers.

However, given the fact that Drury was just bought out by the Rangers and the health of his knee is a major question mark, I would hope that the Flyers proceed with extreme caution with the 34-year-old.
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Jagr Giroux Briere
Pronger JVR

Simmonds Schenn Voracek
Kimmo Coburn

Or depending on when he makes the team

JVR Schenn Couturier
Pronger Simmonds

I am playing around with a forward at the point but i can not think of anyone on our team that has a real bomb of a shot beside JVR, I haven't seen Simmonds too much to know how his shot is yet.
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They did, 6 years 25.5 million
I was at the first game in Toronto and i am going to the game in London. Thats where i am now.I wanna see Couturier stay up for good. Suspend Shelley for 82 games and that willhappen come on Shanny.
Game was frigging great JVR is the man. The banana, well at first i laughed cause i had never seen that b4, a bunch of people in the crowd got pissed about it. Not a smart thing to do. Shootout was awesome, i am actually shocked at how good Leighton did. Couturier had an alright game too.
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