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Arsene lands more shots but Bootland wins the wrestling match. I'd probably score it as a draw but would like to see more Arsene fights to compare.
Well,an actual response.LOL.Thanks.

Most of the people on the hockey fight forums put little if any creedence in the takedown.

Not picking at your call,we just put more emphasis on punches than takedowns.The takedown is generaly seen as an admission of 'I'm losing the fight ,better take the guy to the ice'.

I don't ALWAYS feel that is the case but I think it was here.

It's like the cuts.I personally give it more weight than most guys,but most just score it as another solid punch,regardless of the blood.

The same with class rating. On the fight forums a 'heavyweight' ranking isn't achieved by size and weight,rather by past fight card,willingness to fight,frequency of fights.

A guy like Ryan Vandenbussche was considered a heavyweight by most hf fans even tho he really wasn't the size of guys like Laraque,Grimson,Probert or Brashear.

That being said,although Bootland and Arsene are approximately the same size,Bootland is closer to having heavyweight status than Arsene.

I was surprised to see Arsene outpunch Bootland as fighting-wise Arsene is more of a light-heavy or middleweight.Sorta like Ian Laperierre,Jamal Myers,or Matthew Barnaby.

Arsene handled Ben Eager pretty handily,who is far from having heavy-weight satus.It's like the Louis Robitaille/ Jesse Boulerice scrap in Hershey this year. Bowls is a legitamite heavyweight and Robo is a middle.Boulerice SHOULD have destroyed Louis,going off past performance by both,but the fight was a draw.

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So on HFF what did they score this one? Or do they not spend much time on AHL bouts?
Sorry,just saw your question now.Here are some reviews.

Duration N/A Thrown Landed Big
Darryl Bootland 6'2'' 199lb 11 5 1 0 N/A
Dean Arsene 6'2'' 210lb 11 11 4 0

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Feb 6 22:45 ET Dean Arsene narrow win Fun
Nice tilt... Arsene and Bootland square off on a face off and drop the gloves and buckets. Arsene gets in a couple early and Bootland gets two of his own in and then Arsene comes back with a couple good punches to the top of Bootland's head and Bootland scores a takedown ending the fight.
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Feb 7 00:07 ET Dean Arsene narrow win Fun
besides the take down Arsene completely controlled the fight....could be a clear win but not sure how many of those punches on Bootland actually made solid contact
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Feb 7 07:19 ET Dean Arsene clear win Fun
If it was a wrestling match Bootland would have won... Arsene landed mostly all the punches in the fight and controlled the fight right from the start.. If you consider takedowns in judging it would be a narrow win for Arsene but based on punches thrown, landed etc I thought Arsene clearly won the fight

Feb 7 00:29 ET
Notify: I saw it as a narrow win at the rink on the first view and the short highlight replay.Not gonna bother reviewing.

Good showing by Arsene against a guy a lot of people figure he should lose to .Dineen didn't like it when we told Bootland he lost at he end of the game. Have a beer ,Kevin ,just don't get behind the wheel afterward . Reply

Feb 7 07:51 ET
Notify: Good review THROWdown.I lean towards giving the opposition more credit so as not to make homer calls. Reply

Feb 8 08:57 ET same here... i try not to get carried away with the clear wins though. Neither guy landed anything devastating but Arsene was on the better end of the giving/ recieving ratio in this fight no doubt. Reply

I didn't review but I wouldda called narrow win.I'm a Hershey fanatic so I try to lean towards giving credit to the enemy so as not to be a homer.You oughtta check the site.Some real goobers but lots of fight info.

I was at this game.We had great fun offering to buy a beer for coach Kevin Dineen as he got nailed on DUI last year.I look at it this way,if you get in the oppositions head,they aren't thinking about the game.

Oh and these are from here.

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Stephen Peat vs P.J. Stock Jan 5, 2002

The toe-to-toe fight of the decade. PJ Stock was a huge fan favorite everywhere he played, but no NHL city gave him the love Boston did, and this fight is why. Stand, throw and wave to the crowd when it's done. Stock and Stephen Peat had two other great fights. (Washington Capitals vs. Boston Bruins)
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