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  1. who will be the biggest bust

    Vancouver Canucks
    I don't want to dig up the stat, but someone once proved that compared to guys like Carter, Pyatt scored as many (I believe) goals away from the Sedins as he did with them. Carter I think scored all of his goals along side the twins.
  2. This Summer's Latest Rumblings

    Vancouver Canucks
    I am sorry, but the Canucks aren't about to put up 115-125+ points next year, very few elite teams have done that, and with the parity in the western conference and other powers it just won't be possible. The wins you want are in the post-season, where you finish in the regular season doesn't...
  3. 2nd round 33rd overall. Taylor Ellington

    Vancouver Canucks
    Buffalo also was one of the worse teams in the league for a while and had some high draft picks for a stretch, do you actually expect us to pick anyone first or second line players with picks 20+ especially when there have been some really weak draft classes in the past? If they are picking up...
  4. Canucks Draft Patrick White in First Round

    Vancouver Canucks
    No he couldn't have, ottawa was targeting him and would have picked him, he most likely wouldn't have been available past our pick. White is exactly what our prospect system needed, an offensively minded, tough but still defensively responsible center who has top 6 potential easily. He was one...
  5. bulis

    Vancouver Canucks
    Bulis was shooting and only shooting the entire first half of the season, that's when he got labelled as a bum.
  6. bulis

    Vancouver Canucks
    If the Canucks could sign him for under ~$800 000 and he understands his role being on the 4th and possibly 3rd line for part of the year, I wouldn't have a problem with him comming back.
  7. Bourdon to stay ??

    Vancouver Canucks
    The only reason I think we saw this happen is because Edler played himself right onto the team. In his second game up from the farm he was getting more minutes than Fitz and Bourdon, with something like 17 and getting time late in the game. Shows vinny has a lot of confidence in the guy, and why...
  8. Canucks to play Duck Hunt against a bunch of unmightys, 9 nov

    Vancouver Canucks
    To be honest I don't see us taking a W out of the game, though I'd love to be the first team to beat Burkies' Ducks in regulation. I'll say 4-2 Ducks. Empty netter for the final one.
  9. Let us Prey for Vancouver, mar 9

    Vancouver Canucks
    Jovo is out another 3 weeks or so, possibly less depending on recovery rate, he has started to skate. Salo is still weeks away and is possible up to 6 weeks or more.
  10. AO8 Wallpaper

    Washington Capitals
    Just felt like sharing some of my latest work, really simple but very desktop friendly, feel free to use
  11. Next Game: Vancouver Canucks .vs. Calgary Flames

    Vancouver Canucks
    4-3 Canucks.
  12. Ohlund hurt

    Vancouver Canucks
    It's easier to look long term than short. Ohlund had serious injuries before, but if you look back to when he started to become a star d-man on our team, which was about 3 seasons ago he had 82 games, 59 games and then 81 games. That's 9.8 games per season, and it all happened basically in one...
  13. Should vancouver put Todd Bertuzzi on the tradeing block?

    Vancouver Canucks
    He's killed me in my hockey pools. 20 points I believe this year and only 12 goals. Talk about disappointing...
  14. Malkin??

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings
    Ellis is not better than Schneider so it makes the trade worse. And Go_nucks_24 When is the last time (or any) have you seen a trade been that big? And if we could trade Bertuzzi for Luongo straight up don't you think it would have been done already? This isn't an NHL game from EA Sports, the...
  15. Ohlund hurt

    Vancouver Canucks
    Salary cap, the later he leaves the trades the less they will cost him, and now needing to acquire more, he'll need all the extra :twocentsi he can save. I don't see how we can complain about him and asking him to be demoted, we haven't seen what trades he'll make and it isn't his fault that...
  16. Ohlund hurt

    Vancouver Canucks
    I've heard Ohlund just has bruised ribs. Salo could be gone for the year though.
  17. Nucks eyeing Curtis Joseph and Eric Weinrich

    Vancouver Canucks
    24 Hours, is that not a free publication? Does it really hold any truth...that's probably as reliable as Eklund. Cujo being traded? Not yet, Coyotes are only 6 points out of a playoff spot and if they want to make a run they'll need Cujo, I have a hard time seeing them moving him.
  18. Laertnom, jan 21

    Vancouver Canucks
    6-0 with a few still left in the first
  19. Is it time for an shake up in Vancouver

    Vancouver Canucks
    I think its other way around, if we get Luongo it would take too much and would make us worse overall for this season.
  20. Amazing Ovechkin Goal...

    The NHL Forum
    It's a fantastic and amazing goal, and I do want him to win the calder, but one goal won't sway any votes.
1-20 of 467 Results