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  1. Leafs Gameday discussion..

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    Agreed. Boston showed the Leafs really need a secondary scoring threat. Kessel had quite a few shots in the game but only a couple of them could be considered good scoring chances. You shut down Kessel and you shut down the Leafs.
  2. Attendance in Phoenix tonight.

    The NHL Forum
    Hockey in Phoenix is dead. It never really took off there and they also didn't have any great teams to watch. In markets like that they are fairweather fans. If they don't have a winning product to watch, no one will come out. Although last year they did have a winning team and they still didn't...
  3. Burke open for business.

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings
    Would Murray actually trade within his division? To me he seems like one of those old fashion GM's that wouldn't do a trade like that. I could be wrong but I doubt we'll see Spezza traded to the Leafs anytime soon. The season is only 6 games only but in 2 of the games Bozak as found himself...
  4. Burke open for business.

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings
    This seems to be one.
  5. (Leafs - Flames) Stajan, Hagman, White, Mayers For Phaneuf, Sjostrom, Aulie

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings
    Stajan and White going the other way
  6. NHL 10 Demo

    Hockeyforum Video Gaming
    EA did not make NHL 10 for PC or PS2 this year.
  7. NHLers in the Olympics

    Olympic Hockey
    The thing is does it really make a difference? With NHL players you can argue the top 6 teams are Canada, USA, Russia, Sweden, Czech Rep and Finland. Without NHL players the top 6 teams would probably be Canada, USA, Russia, Sweden, Czech Rep and Finland. All the other countries are so far...
  8. Smyth to the Avs

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings
    Re: Smyth to Aves Guys scoring isn't everything. It is a huge part of the game but isn't everything. Smyth is probably one of the best leaders in the game. He's the kind of guy who would take a bullet for his team. Yes but may not have the offensive output that others have. But he grit and...
  9. DiPetro - 15 Year, $67 mil deal!!

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings
    You know, if this story came out from any other team I would be surprised. But I've kind of gotten used to the weird and wacky coming from the Island. This is just messed.....
  10. Top ten Leafs.

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    1. Gilmore 2. Sundin 3. Clark 4. Potvin 5. Leeman 6. Thomas 7. Eddie O 8. McCabe 9. CuJo 10. Kaberle
  11. Rice To Retire With The 49ers

    Other Sports
    Great to see. He's one of my favorite athletes in sports. I'm glad he's hanging 'em up where he belongs. Next stop the Hall of Fame.
  12. Canes looking at Allison?

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings
    :haha: He's the reason why some people said the SO took too long.
  13. Ferguson Pleased with Line-Up

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    What ever happened to Clarke Wilm? I haven't heard a thing about him. I thought he was a hard worker and was great in his role.
  14. Favroite Sports Teams

    Other Sports
    Hockey - Leafs Baseball - Blue Jays Basketball - Raptors Football (NFL) - 49ers Football (CFL) - Argos Soccer - England Club Soccer - Man U
  15. Worst first round selections

    The NHL Forum
    I'm surprised Stefan isn't on the list. He's done nothing for someone who was 1st overall.
  16. Cities you think should have an NHL Franchise

    The NHL Forum
    *sigh* Why did you ask that?
  17. Neil Smith Fired

    New York Islanders
    You know Snow is going to be fighting at the next GM's meeting for the goalies to have bigger shoulder pads.
  18. Happy with your team's GM?

    The NHL Forum
    With almost all the major FA's signed, aside from Peca & Carter, I thought I'd ask if everyone here is happy with the job their team's GM as done this off season? Some GM's have made big changes to their team (Nonis). While other GM's were forced to make changes to their lineup (Lowe). A couple...
  19. Who will be our final two D?

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    I think the last 3 will be Coli, Harrison and White. Coli will be the #5 D with White and Harrison fighting for #6. I personally would like to see White as #6. I thought he played pretty good while up. A few rookie mistakes but I think he learned from them. I also liked Harrison too. It's...
  20. Goal Scorer or Playmaker?

    The NHL Forum
    I agree. Jagr is probably as close to the total package in the game today. I think Ovechkin is 2nd. He would probably have more A's if he had someone to pass to on the Caps. I saw a few highlights last season where he set someone up perfect and the guy failed to bury it. That might change this...
1-20 of 415 Results