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  1. Broken blade what do I do??

    Hockey Equipment
    I'd say just replace the blade, unless the shaft is starting to look aged and damaged.
  2. Help with a skate fitting problem

    More Hockey Discussion
    You should be right. Some players actually like the skate being that tight at the front. It's good to have a tight fit as the skate doesn't move around and you can control your skate better. You could try foam if it does bother you. Your skates may also need to break in a little as well.
  3. Most Disappointing teams

    The NHL Forum
    I'm expecting LA, Tampa and maybe even Anahiem to start to pull together to finish the season better than they started it. Stamkos is just on fire at the moment. Looking good. He'll be one of the reasons they climb in the standings
  4. Jagr returns to the 'burgh

    Pittsburgh Penguins
    Go Jagr. Awesome goal. Must have felt good to salute all the pens fans. Hope he gets another 2. He is playing really well tonight.
  5. 2011-2012 Regular Season Thread

    Philadelphia Flyers
    Giroux is in!!!! Lets see how he goes. Goodluck mate
  6. 2011-2012 Regular Season Thread

    Philadelphia Flyers
    I'm thinking Briere will be centering Jagr and Hartnell. Anyone know if this sounds right?
  7. 2011-2012 Regular Season Thread

    Philadelphia Flyers
    Great game. Bryz played really well and Voracek looked so strong along the boards. Carle and Van Riemsdyk with 2 assists. Bourdon also got his 1st NHL goal. There will be a few replays off the ref dropping one of our guys though. hehehe
  8. Injuries hitting Flyers

    Philadelphia Flyers|NHL|home Adam Kimelman
  9. Injuries hitting Flyers

    Philadelphia Flyers
    Yep, not looking good. We are still winning and getting it done, but these two would help a lot. Pronger has a mystery illness as he has done and passed concussion tests. Hope he is OK.
  10. 2011-2012 Regular Season Thread

    Philadelphia Flyers
    Most others probably don't check this thread as it's the Flyers regular season thread. It would only be us Flyers fans. I thought it would be good to share with everyone, but I can start posting in here if you really want. Going back to Flyers talk- Was a good game to watch lastnight. Nearly...
  11. Matt Walker on re-entry waivers to help on D.

    Philadelphia Flyers By Tim Panaccio
  12. Nodl claimed off waivers by Carolina

    Philadelphia Flyers By Sarah Baicker
  13. Pronger out 4wks after knee surgery

    Philadelphia Flyers By Adam Kimelman
  14. Injuries hitting Flyers

    Philadelphia Flyers
    More bad news. Pronger is having surgery and being place on IR. Jagr could be back and Van Reimsdyk is most likely to miss.
  15. Injuries hitting Flyers

    Philadelphia Flyers
    It looks as though Nodl has gone down to an upper body injury now as well.
  16. Injuries hitting Flyers

    Philadelphia Flyers By Sarah Baicker
  17. 2011 Bruins vs. 1975 Flyers

    Fantasy Hockey
    It would be too hard to compare the two. Technology has come a long way. Players are faster and more refined. Skates, sticks, padding, etc. Nearly everything has changed from that long ago.
  18. Matt Read having a go at getting Calder Trophy

    Philadelphia Flyers By Mike G. Morreale
  19. Flyers rookie Matt Read takes NHL's third star of the week

    Philadelphia Flyers Well done Read. Playing awesome at the moment taking it up to the high draft pick rookies.
  20. Flyers unveil winter classic jersey

    Philadelphia Flyers Looks good. I like it and can't wait to see them all dressed up.
1-20 of 286 Results