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  1. Devils retire Scott Niedermayer's #27

    The NHL Forum
    He definitely deserves it,gave much to the Devils blueline when he was around. Many players and fans look upto him.
  2. BOG approves new Conferences, NHLPA doesn't

    The NHL Forum
    Will be interesting to see how things turn out. Cons will have a part in this... There's to be 2 conferences with 8 teams and 2 with 7 teams...
  3. Site to make your own sigs

    Graphics Forum
    Seems interesting...I'll have to take my time and perhaps create one myself using this to display my epic skills*end sarcasm*:D .
  4. When Will Crosby Play?

    The NHL Forum
    ^ My sentiments exactly. They have waited this long a couple more weeks won't hurt, they'll only let him play when he's 100%,no rush.
  5. Kessel's Hot Streak

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    It'll be most interesting to see if he indeed can keep this up.If he does,it's good for the Leafs eh:D.
  6. Playing Hockey during Vacation in Vancouver B.C.

    More Hockey Discussion
    No problem,I reside in Vancouver so if you need any other help with anything in general,don't hesitate to ask:). Have fun!
  7. Playing Hockey during Vacation in Vancouver B.C.

    More Hockey Discussion
    I'd suggest visit the Sunset Ice Rink(but depends where your staying so). Here's an excerpt from their site regarding pick up hockey: "Looking for a casual game? Sunset Ice Rink also offers both adult and youth pickup hockey. Call them at (604) 718-6517 to inquire about their pickup hockey...
  8. And so it begins

    Pittsburgh Penguins
    Was an interesting one. Malkin jumbled the puck up too much,and lost his edge quite abit. Cooke was a monster,both goals were pretty sick!
  9. Nhl12

    Hockeyforum Video Gaming
    The new tuner sometime this month should be able to fix the in game freezes.
  10. Hartnell Eager to Start New Season

    Philadelphia Flyers
    Yeah,heard he has an irregular heartbeat...hopefully everythings fine.
  11. Nhl12

    Hockeyforum Video Gaming
    Happened to be throughout an EASHL club team member got quite angry...
  12. Nhl12

    Hockeyforum Video Gaming
    Haven't played versus or anything with the actual NHL teams,just playing in the EASHL. And yes everythings available except HUT(not that I care, I barely play it)...
  13. Nhl12

    Hockeyforum Video Gaming
    Got the EA season ticket so I have access to NHL 12! Any questions feel free to ask me about it,although I might be abit busy playing:D.
  14. Ovechkin Leaves CCM

    Washington Capitals
    Yah, heard about that earlier in the day. Good signing for Bauer and Ovechkin, both sides benefit:D.
  15. Hey There

    Hockeyforum New Member Introduction
    Hey Chris! How's it going? Cool,good luck with your season. btw who do you cheer for?
  16. August Crosby update, Still having concussion symptoms

    Pittsburgh Penguins
    Indeed! Another plus is that the doctors saying that Sidney will be able to recover 100%...
  17. KHL's Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Plane Crashes

    The NHL Forum
    Devastating. Heard that Demitra died from some of my friends,didn't really look into it,aome home and I searched it up,bam,ends up being the whole team. My condolences go out to whoever this affected let it be family,friends and such. What an offseason...
  18. All-Star Line up Challenge

    Trash Talk
    Team 2 for me,will be high scoring games for them,and with Thomas in net,oh boy!
  19. Which top team will surprise and miss the playoffs?

    Trash Talk
    I'd have to say Penguins;depending on the health of Crosby(although they did decently without Sid and Malkin in the lineup)... Although I do believe Malkin is healthy,and Gonchar said he's never seen Geno working so hard,must be a good sign.
  20. Over or Under?

    The NHL Forum
    Under,I'd say 33-37... Over/Under- One or both the Sedins hitting 95+ points
1-20 of 401 Results